about ceramicscapes

ceramics + landcsape = ceramicscapes

The name of my ceramic business was born out of my love of ceramics and how these objects occupy our personal landscapes in simple and yet profoundly beautiful and functional ways. I take pride in my craft and strive to design and make work that brings beauty to your everyday life.

Cindy Guajardo - owner + maker of ceramicscapes
Cindy Guajardo – owner + maker of ceramicscapes

ceramicscapes is a handmade ceramic studio located in Fort Collins, Colorado. I create unique ceramic objects for purchase and site specific ceramic installations for residential and commercial clients.

Why ceramics? Clay is a very versatile material and once fired in a kiln is durable. Ceramics won’t fade over time and can be scaled architecturally to fit any size interior or exterior space. From handmade tiles to ceramic murals, to more sculptural and utilitarian objects, we hope to add a special touch to your home or business.



I currently offer three lines of work:

• Hand thrown or slip cast work modeled using our own designs
• Repurposed commercial tile and ceramics with custom decals
• Custom decals for artists to use in their work

Both lines of ceramic work are decorated with my custom ceramic decals, which I make and print in house with a new state of the art ceramic digital printer that uses food safe ceramic toner imported from Germany.

The ceramic decals are created in house using specially formulated on glaze toners that are placed on the ceramic objects and then fired in a kiln to approximately 1600° F where the images melt and permanently fuse to the glazed surface . Our decal products are like any ceramic products – weather proof, color fast, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Brief Bio:

Cindy holds a Bachelors of Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics from the University of Southern Maine and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver. While in school for the latter, she realized that she missed clay and decided to marry her new found architectural design skills and ceramics to form a new venture. Cindy worked for a local landscape architecture firm after graduation where she honed her skills in a professional environment designing projects for regional, national and international clients. Visit my LinkedIn profile for detailed information.

Additionally, Cindy will be teaching art to middle and high school students in 2017-18 at a public charter school in Fort Collins.