public art

I am actively searching for public and private art commissions using clay as a medium. As a former landscape designer, public art is a natural tangent of my former career. I am particularly interested in ceramic installations for garden environments. 

Pensthorpe - Piet Oudolf
Pensthorpe – Piet Oudolf

One of my favorite landscape designers is Piet Oudolf who advocates for less formal, naturalistic gardens that morph over the seasons into artistic creations in and of themselves. 

Other garden designers whose work I admire are Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, my former employer and professor at UC Denver Emmanuel Didier of Didier Design Studio, Andrea Cochran Landscape ArchitectureOehme van Sweden Landscape Architects and others. 

Creating art for garden spaces is a new challenge for me because of the issue of scale. How to scale up so that ceramic art complements, makes a statement, yet also doesn’t take away from the landscape is paramount. This is a question and design opportunity that I will be tackling over the next year. Besides the technical issues of scaling ceramic work, there is also an aesthetic question.

The front of my new home in Fort Collins
The front of my new home in Fort Collins – we have a lot of turf to remove!

My husband and I recently moved to Fort Collins from Denver and upsized our garden from 3500 square feet to .4 acres. So, in the meantime, I will use my own garden to experiment with both installing a more naturalistic and water thrifty environment and how ceramic art might fit into outdoor spaces. It will be the perfect experiment and playground to test out ideas.