Group Show and Community Outreach

As many of you know, I’m a member of the Colorado Potters Guild located in Denver, CO. We’re the oldest pottery co-op in Colorado and we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015.

Last year, one of our members, Penny Woolsey, was invited to teach advanced ceramics at the Denver School of the Arts (DSA). DSA is an arts focused secondary magnet school in north east Denver. DSA has been a good partner to the Colorado Potters Guild and offered to host a group show highlighting ceramic work made by our members. Students are exposed to a range of ceramic work made in their community by both professional and passionate hobbyists and will be writing about an artist as part of their class module. The show runs through April 11, 2017 with an artist’s reception on March 9th from 7:00-8:00 pm..

The following photos are from the show courtesy of Penny Woolsey.

Speaking of community liaisons, in 2015, the Colorado Potters Guild partnered with South High School in Denver and purchased a new pottery wheel for the school, offered mini in-class workshops and we continue to feature their work at our biannual shows. One of the guild’s missions is to promote the ceramic arts in our larger community and it feels wonderful to further ceramic arts in a younger generation. Let’s face it, modern industrial manufacturing has made handmade items a luxury and not a necessity – though this could be argued. 

“Craft is a language of material, provenance and making.”

The above quote is taken from “What is the role and value of crafts today” by Teleri Lloyd-Jones, Assistant Editor of Crafts Magazine. 

In my studio, I listen to a variety of podcasts – some practical, some highlighting ceramic arts, others are business oriented or educational, and even podcasts that are spiritual in nature pique my interest. With my hands in clay, it’s easier these days for me to listen than to read and I tend to choose one of my favorites based on my mood. Last week, I listened to an episode of the Potter’s Cast hosted by Paul Blais featuring Merle Lambeth

Merle is a member of the San Diego Potters Guild and the Clay Artists of San Diego. The latter organization has a community based outreach program that really has me thinking more about how the Colorado Potters Guild and my own practice can be a force of greater good in my community. It’s a fantastic episode for people who are interested in stepping outside of their studios to further their craft and arts education in general. This really needs its own post – stay tuned