Post Election Ennui…

Hi friends, 

I’ve debated whether or not to post any political commentary on my ceramic page, but feel I must speak out. I’m disappointed in the election results. I had hoped to see Hillary Clinton elected to our nation’s highest office, but alas, it is not to be. 

If anything, the shock of election night has fueled my desire to become more involved in my community. But, where do I start? The arts is an obvious choice and also a political act. I found this interesting article, Creativity and Freedom of Speech by Peter Istrate of Moxel, on LinkedIn (also the source of the graphic above) that resonates with me. 

Freedom of expression or freedom of speech is a necessary condition for achieving many other fundamental human rights.

I am going to actively search out opportunities in the arts to become more engaged and to encourage people to use their unique voices to empower themselves and others in an increasingly divided world. 

For others who are finding it difficult to digest the election results, here are a few words of wisdom that might help you cope in the coming days, months and years taken from the Buddhist concept of shenpa, or “biting the hook”. The objective is to refrain from biting the hook when confronted with difficult situations.

Don’t bite the hook by:

  1. Reminding yourself that generosity is a gesture of power.
  2. Remembering that nothing is ever, ever as good as you hope or as bad as you fear.
  3. Reestablishing dominion over your world.
  4. Expressing your love for your brothers and sisters.
  5. Finally, this: feel what you feel.

Like the graphic above, I am choosing to look for opportunity in disappointment. I will also voice my opinions respectfully, even when others don’t and will not wallow in despair. 

Today, I return to the studio to get muddy and have an attitude adjustment!

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