Hello world!

This is a giant tree (an ash I think) that looms over my backyard – it makes me happy.

Welcome to my new blog!

I am not new to blogging though – I started journaling online in 2007 at Colorado Art Studio which is now defunct. At the time, Colorado Art Studio was my ceramic business name and about 1.5 years ago I changed it to Ceramicscapes and in a momentary urge to purge, “out with the old – in with the new”, I deleted it. I still have a backup and every so often, I contemplate importing the contents for posterity’s sake. I regret deleting my old blog.

In the past year, I’ve asked myself if blogging is still relevant? I’m not sure what the answer is to this question. With the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing sites, it’s so much easier for people to interact on a single platform or two. Yet, I have come to the conclusion that any traffic, while nice, is irrelevant. I am in the process of shifting how I work and want to document the process for my own sake, albeit publicly. Plus, I find other people’s blogs to be a fabulous resource when I’m interested in what they do, what their motivations are and how they work.

Recently, Michael Kline and I had a brief discussion via Twitter about blogging and whether it’s a. relevant and b. how to name a blog. Ultimately, I decided to start a fresh blog using my real name. (Sawdust and Dirt is one of the first blogs I started reading back in the day.)

If you’ve landed here now and have read this far, this is my first post. The date of my first post isn’t random either – today is my birthday. 😀



6 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. Well, hello there!Welcome back. I’ve had several exchanges with other (old/lapsed) bloggers and we seem to agree that blogging is “better” than the other platforms,but takes more time.
    And there’s the rub! I have a hectic day ahead and am hoping to squeeze in a short swim, but maybe I’ll sit down and crank up my Idle Thoughts…

  2. Thanks for comment Diane! It’s a conundrum isn’t it? (to blog or not to blog) I know it’s asking a lot of visitors to read a lengthy post…when we have come to digest snippets of informations on other sites. I know I had to be really clear with myself why I was starting to blog again.

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world Cynthia! I have recently been working on getting back to regular blogging too. I believe your original blog is where we first met, isn’t it? I remember back in those days, blogs were pretty much it. Personally, I think they are still relevant, because we can say and show so much more in a blog than on instagram or facebook. Plus, all the blogs are collected in one place. Keep on blogging! 🙂

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