Welcome to my art world!

ceramicscapes is a handmade pottery studio that is based in Fort Collins CO. Owner, Cindy Guajardo believes that art and handmade ceramic objects enhance everyday life.

ceramics + landscape = ceramicscapes

The name ceramicscapes was born out of Cindy’s love of ceramics and how these objects occupy our personal landscapes in simple and yet profoundly beautiful and functional ways.


Meet Lisa and Alex LaPella of LaPella Pottery

Alex and Lisa LaPella are a husband and wife team and the creative forces behind LaPella Pottery located in Unicoi, TN. Collaboratively, they create many one of a kind pieces and specialize in functional stoneware, barware, and wedding registries. Please Introduce Yourself: Hello! We are Alex & Lisa LaPella, the potters behind LaPella Pottery. We met just …

Developing Ceramicscapes Editorial Calendar and History

I’m developing an editorial calendar for ceramicscapes so that writing becomes a regular habit in an effort to build more content on my website. I need a calendar to hold myself accountable on those days that I might not feel like writing. While I hope to benefit from some added traffic that content will bring, writing helps to …